hi this is my shit.

just kidding. that can't be all i write.


Welcome y'all. Still have imposter syndrome, but I have a website; so I must be a real artist now right?

A little about me:

My day job is lubricant engineering. I troubleshoot heavy duty and industrial lubricants (think engine, gear, hydraulic oils) via chemical analysis. There is a lot of exposure to different industries in this field, so it has kept me somewhat entertained with variety and constant learning.

I am in LOVE with (addicted to?) athletics and being outside. Ultimate frisbee and ice hockey are my current primary sports outlets. When I can, I thoroughly enjoy backpacking, climbing, and being out on the lake.

I reside in a small town north of Tulsa, OK. I did not grow up here, but I am fond of the place and have stuck around for nearly 10 years now. Lots of my art celebrates this local area as a result. Additionally, during my travels for work or pleasure, I like to use the sights and scenery to inspire more designs and creative ideas.

My mediums of choice are pencil or linocut. My discovery of carving overtook all other mediums almost instantly as I felt like it perfectly captured my desires to express imagery in such a precision-oriented and carefully planned process. Carving is therapeutic to me. I work slow and just let my bursts of creative flow take over as they come. 


Artist's Statement