hi this is my shit.

just kidding. that can't be all i write.


Welcome visitors. I guess I have officially started moonlighting as an artist because a few of you want to buy something from me!

When I'm not working on lubrication engineering (my day job), playing ultimate frisbee, or wacking a puck around an ice rink, I gravitate towards making art. I enjoy creating linework drawings, painting the occasional watercolor, and more recently carving lino for relief printing. Seems like at this point in my life I prefer to be a jack of all trades and master of none.

I reside in a small town north of Tulsa, OK. I did not grow up here, but I am fond of the place and have stuck around for 5+ years. I have had the pleasure of working from home for about 3 years now. This entails sitting in front of a computer and talking on the phone while trying to minimize the background noise of my cat's old man smoker's meow. His name is Beau. Often I travel for work and try to use the sights and scenery from all over the country to inspire more designs and creative ideas.

Please feel free to hit up the Contact page and let me know what's up. Reach out regarding questions about products, orders, commissions, etc. Seriously, any questions you have for me, don't hesitate to get in touch and I will do my best to answer intelligently :)


Artist's Statement