Below are some examples of commissions I have completed in various forms and mediums. Commission requests currently on hold until I finish up some current projects.


Vera (May 2020) - dedication for a good friend's beautiful kitty that passed, yes her name is from the Pink Floyd song, colored pencils on toned tan paper

Betty & Dayton (February 2022) - linocut carving & prints to commemorate grandparents. Dayton had been taking care of the farm alone because Betty had developed dementia and was living at a nursing home. He broke her out of there for a nighttime joyride and they were slowy chased by cops through the countryside.

Timberon Mural (February 2019) - painted for my parents to put up at the pilot's lounge at the Timberon local airport in NM

Timberon Airport Sketch (April 2021) - shirt design for my father

Mendez's 1st Home (June 2021) - linocut carving & print

HOUD VAST (August 2021) - tattoo design; dutch origin of "hold fast", a nautical concept of security to weather a storm

Shaka Skeleton (May 2021) - tattoo design; "hang loose"

Oyster (November 2021) - tattoo design; threefold inspiration including a love for Boston, the sea, & a reminder that the world is her oyster and all the magic she needs is already inside

Peony (January 2022) - tattoo design; "it's about faith <3"

Ward Family (August 2020) - tattoo design; four siblings represented by interlocking rings & individual designs, parents represented in the center with holding hands and morse code for "mother" & "father"

Mango & Mushroom (April 2020) - logo design for sister-in-law's cooking page

SUDSY Outdoors (November 2020) - logo design for friend's hunting/fishing/outdoor page

Whaleshark (April 2021) - ink drawing for scientist friend in love with the ocean

Bachinski Home (April 2022) - linocut carving & print

Beck Home (March 2023) - linocut carving & print